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Top 5 WordPress Website Templates to Sell Ebooks Online Easily

Top 5 WordPress Website Templates to Sell Ebooks Online Easily

Most writers and authors like to have complete autonomy when making their online sales. So they build their websites to promote and sell their ebooks online. Promoting and selling your ebooks through your website means you'll not be obliged to share your ebook sales with anyone. You will also not be forced to pay listing and monthly subscription fees, as it happens with popular e-commerce platforms like Amazon and eBay. However, building your own website to promote and sell your ebooks doesn’t have to be expensive. You can use ebook websites templates to create a beautiful website to sell ebooks online. A great example of this is Shopify, it has a lot of templates for you to build your store and get your products up online. With that being said, here is a rundown of the 5 best WordPress website templates to build your website to sell your ebooks online:

- Use eBookie ebook websites templates to create your site

Ebookie is an excellent ebook website template for selling your ebooks online, including your printed books. This ebook WordPress template comes with useful features such as chapters, free samples, reviews, pricing and blog feature to sell your ebooks and printed books quickly. The template allows you to write a description of the ebooks you're selling. You can also leverage it to market other authors' books you intend to sell for a commission. If you have a knack for creating ebook covers, this template makes it easier with the PSG ebook creator feature.

- Justlanded gives you the necessary tools to build a website to sell ebooks

Justlanded is a powerful WordPress landing page template from Themeforest. It allows you to create a website in minutes and start selling your ebooks. The templates admin panel is so user-friendly that it allows customization without requiring coding skills. If you're looking to create a site to sell your ebooks online, this template will save you a lot of money.

- Use Book Store ebooks websites templates to sell ebooks online

Book Store is a highly responsive, WooCommerce powered WordPress website template to create a beautiful ebook selling website. You can also use it to sell apps, print books, and other digital products. If you're also looking to build a website to market Amazon or eBay products, this is the right theme to use. It's mobile responsive, which means customers can view your website using their mobile devices. 

-Webbie is a unique WordPress website template to write, read, promote and sell ebooks

Webbie is a simple, elegant, minimalistic, highly responsive WordPress website template that lets you promote and sell ebooks online like a pro. On top of promoting and selling your ebooks, Webbies allows you to write your ebooks quickly and will enable customers to read ebooks from your site. With Webbie, you’re able to post sample chapters, manage ebook reviews and give buyers insights into what your ebook is all about. The template allows customization from the Options panel, which means you can tweak and finesse the template to your taste. The template is also mobile responsive, which means customers can access your site seamlessly using their mobile devices like Smartphones, tablets, and iPads. To top it all off, Webbie offers support for easy digital downloads, making your ebook selling process flawless.

- Publisher showcases and sells ebooks seamlessly

Publisher is powered by Templatic Digital Downloads and Tevolution plugins. This template goes beyond listing your ebooks for sale. It also sells them. It’s developed by Array Themes and available on ThemeForest. It has an intuitive user-interface and an array of features that you need to build an elegant website to sell ebooks online. You can also showcase products such as Audio CDs, DVDs, books and other creative works using this WordPress template.


Selling ebooks has never been easier with the above ebooks websites templates. Create a beautiful, responsive and robust website to sell your ebooks online using one of the above-mentioned WordPress templates.